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Welcome to Insightful Data Technologies, where our Data Engineering and Data Science expertise propels your business forward.

Our team at Insightful Data Technologies consists of highly skilled external consultants. Specializing in both Data Engineering and Data Science, our experts excel at transforming complex data into insightful, actionable solutions.

Data Scientists:
Our Data Scientists team utilizes AI and Machine Learning to extricate valuable insights from complex datasets.

Our expertise encompasses numerous analytical techniques, including linear regression, logistic regression, Naive Bayes, decision trees, the random forest algorithm, the K-nearest neighbor (KNN), and the K-means algorithm.

Data Engineers:
As a group of data engineers, we have in-depth expertise in big data technologies, including Hive, Hadoop, and Spark. We also have a solid command of Python, AIRflow, Dags, Data Pipelines, SQL, Snowflake, ClickHouse, SQL Server, Oracle, and HBase. 


Chanan Zevin is also the CEO of Insightful Data Technologies.

Chanan Zevin Professional experience:

I have held essential positions ranging from data science engineer to critical financial and security systems manager.
I am a trusted professional with a track record of handling sensitive information.
My experience includes working with internationally famous financial organizations like Commerzbank and Dresner Bank in Germany.
I also expanded my knowledge of handling sensitive data as a consultant for Malam Group, managing high-security classified data from numerous government agencies.

Chanan Zevin Professional Journey – Validated by Testimonials:
Every aspect of our professional history has been meticulously recorded and supported by our LinkedIn profile’s recommendations. These testimonies are easily accessible on LinkedIn and our website at the bottom of the pages.

Chanan Zevin Education :
Data Science and Data Engineering certificates from Naya College in Herzliya, Israel, laid the groundwork for my data analytics and engineering career and provided me with fundamental knowledge and skills, forming the basis of my expertise in the field.
Also, the Master DBA Oracle and SQL Server certificates from John Bryce College in Tel Aviv, Israel, equipped me with specialized knowledge in database administration, which is invaluable in my roles.
Moreover, Certificates in Project Management from John Bryce College sharpened my project management skills.
My bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel, provided a robust mathematical foundation for Artificial intelligence (AI).

Slomi Zevin – Chief Technology Officer
We proudly introduce Slomi Zevin as our Chief Technology Officer at Insightful Data Technologies.
Slomi brings a wealth of expertise and a forward-thinking approach to our leadership team, guiding our technological direction and innovation.
With a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Slomi’s academic background lays a solid foundation for his role in steering our company’s technological advancements.
His specialized knowledge in Financial Artificial Intelligence Technology positions us at the forefront of the industry, enabling us to develop cutting-edge solutions that drive our clients’ efficiency, accuracy, and profitability.
As CTO, Slomi’s vision encompasses developing groundbreaking AI technologies and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration within our team.
His leadership is instrumental in cultivating an environment where creativity and technical excellence thrive, ensuring that Insightful Data Technologies remains a leader in the Financial AI sector.
Under Slomi’s guidance, our team is committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and leveraging AI to unlock new opportunities and insights for our clients.
His dedication to excellence and innovation is a cornerstone of our company’s success, making us the partner of choice for businesses seeking to harness the power of financial artificial intelligence.
Join us in embracing the future of finance, led by Slomi Zevin and the exceptional team at Insightful Data Technologies.

Netanel Zevin is also the CEO of Insightful Data Technologies.

His expertise in identifying emerging market opportunities and his profound understanding of the forex market have expanded the company’s global footprint. 
Netanel’s approach to business development is rooted in innovation and strategic collaboration. His dedication to excellence has driven the company’s expansion and fostered a culture of innovation within the team. 
Under his guidance, the business development team has excelled in identifying and nurturing key relationships, leading to groundbreaking advancements in AI-driven forecasting solutions. 
Netanel’s visionary leadership is characterized by a commitment to transparency, integrity, and customer-centric strategies that align closely with the company’s mission to empower data-driven decisions across the forex industry. 
As VP of Business Development, Netanel Zevin continues to be a driving force behind Insightful Data Technologies’ quest to redefine the standards of accuracy and reliability in currency prediction markets.

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