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With a proven track record in designing and implementing cutting-edge data strategies, we brings a wealth of expertise to every project - with Chanan Zevin As CEO And Founder.

With extensive experience in machine learning, statistical modeling, and predictive analytics, Insightful Data Technologies Is skilled at uncovering valuable insights from complex datasets. It profoundly understands various programming languages, frameworks, and tools, allowing us to develop robust and scalable solutions tailored to each client's unique needs.

Navigating Complex Data Landscapes

As a pioneers in the field, Insightful Data Technologies are always exploring the latest advancements in data science, staying ahead of the curve to provide clients with cutting-edge solutions.

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Insightful Data Technologies ability to navigate and extract meaning from vast amounts of data has been instrumental in solving complex business challenges.

Customized Solutions

The expertise spans multiple industries have led to significant improvements in efficiency, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction.

Empowering Businesses

Exploring the forefront of innovation, Insightful Data Technologies specializes in AI & ML solutions that cater to diverse business needs. Our products seamlessly bridge advanced technical intricacies with user-friendly applications, enabling businesses to effortlessly harness the transformative power of data-driven intelligence.

Products And Services.

1. Revolutionizing Stock Market Trading with Insightful Data Technologies


Greetings from Insightful Data Technologies! I’m Chanan Zevin, CEO, Founder, and Owner. We are dedicated to advancing data analytics and technology solutions, particularly in stock market trading.

Let me introduce you to our state-of-the-art analytical tool, designed to transform your trading strategies in today’s fast-paced market.

Our Advanced Analytical Tool:

This innovative tool focuses on critical aspects of trading strategy:

a. Adjusting Stop-Loss:

Tailor stop-loss percentages based on asset volatility, risk tolerance, market conditions, etc.

Our tool provides dynamic adaptation to market changes, enhancing your trading strategy’s resilience and success.

b. Implementing Take Profit:

Crucial for balancing risk and securing gains.

The tool aids in fine-tuning take-profit levels and adapting to market shifts to optimize your strategy’s profitability.

2. Forex Predictions Trading Algorithm:

Volatility Analysis: Initial assessment of currency volatility.

Currency Selection: Identifying high-potential currencies.

Model Learning Period: Historical analysis for accurate forecasting.

Forecasting & Investment Strategy: Defining investment strategies for maximized returns.

Position Strategy: Utilizing deep machine-learning models for daily trading decisions.

Simulation & Trade Execution: Real-time trade simulations within our system.

Profit Estimation & Performance Visualization: Comprehensive analysis and visual representation of profits and model accuracy.

3. Forex Volatility Assessment:

Essential for understanding currency fluctuations.

Offers insights crucial for individuals, businesses, and investors in forex trading.

4. Interactive Dashboard:

Dynamic machine learning algorithm adjustments for agile business decisions.

5. Revenue Optimization Engine:

   – AI-driven analysis for pricing strategies and profitability maximization across sectors.

6. Fraud Detection Suite:

Advanced AI for real-time anomaly detection, enhancing financial security.

7. Credit Risk Assessment Tool:

AI evaluations of borrower data for informed lending decisions.

8. Market Intelligence Platform:

Real-time market insights to stay ahead in competitive industries.

Join us at Insightful Data Technologies, where innovation meets practical application, empowering your financial strategies with cutting-edge technology.



Transforming Data into Actionable Insights

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