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On this page, where innovation meets inspiration, we bridge
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We curate articles from top financial publications around
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This approach allows us to transform written concepts into
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It’s not just about understanding the idea.

it’s about translating them into actions that drive results.

Journalistic Integrity:

I want to clarify that the articles on this page are entirely independent and authored by myself.
They are not associated with any specific newspaper or affiliated with their publications.

While they may reference articles from various sources, their primary focus is to offer solution-oriented perspectives on the discussed topics.

To provide context and uphold journalistic integrity, links to the original articles are provided at the start of each section.

These works are not mere repetitions but rather offer unique perspectives and solutions to the challenges discussed.

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“When Harry Met Sally”

Or When SOT Met COT

From Forbes Insight to Practical AI:
Skeleton-of-Thought in Financial Predictions

Meg Ryan And Billy Crystal Portrait

August 8, 2023

Access the Complete Original Forbes article Here.

While inspired by an article in Forbes about Prompt Engineering Embracing a New Technique Called Skeleton-Of-Thought as a Bonus on Chain-Of-Thought Reasoning for Generative AI on the Skeleton-of-Thought (SoT) technique, this article aims to further elucidate the concept by presenting a singular, practical application in the financial domain.

It’s essential to understand that while the underlying theory derives from the Forbes article, the practical example of predicting stock market trends is an original contribution to showcasing the technique’s real-world potential.

Overview of the Forbes article about the Technic of Prompt Engineering Embraces a New Technique Called Skeleton-Of-Thought as a Bonus on Chain-Of-Thought Reasoning for Generative AI:

The Forbes article discusses the skeleton-of-thought (SoT) technique and its potential to improve generative AI results. The author argues that while some can write essays without outlines, SoT can be a valuable tool for organizing thoughts and improving writing efficiency.

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About Bloomberg’s Article:
From Theory to Code:
Practical Solutions for AI in Fighting Fraud

For a full Bloomberg article on pictures.

july 18, 2023

Access the Complete Original Bloomberg  Article Here.

This Bloomberg article discusses how AI is being utilized by a leading issuer for fraud detection in credit cards.

On my webpage, I aim to illustrate an approach to implement this using neural networks and machine learning.

The code provided here serves as a simple demonstration of a Neural Network using Keras for binary classification.

However, a real-world application for counterfeit credit card detection necessitates a more complex workflow, including extensive data preprocessing, advanced model architectures, imbalanced data handling, regular model updates, efficient systems for responding to predictions, and stringent security and privacy measures.

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Implement CNN’s Article to Code :
‘Elite Investors Using AI & ML’

cnn article

july 5, 2023

Access the Complete Original CNN Article Here.

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are reshaping the financial sector by giving high-net-worth individuals access to game-changing resources.
In a recent CNN story titled “How Elite Investors Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Gain an Edge,”.

The author delves into how hedge funds, central banks, and private equity companies employ cutting-edge technologies to improve their investing strategies.

High-frequency trading organizations rely on machine learning techniques for analysis and fast reaction to financial markets, and the piece emphasizes how corporations like Citigroup (C) use machine learning to generate client portfolio recommendations.

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Code Sample Solution Related to WSJ Article
How AI Emporew Business

wsj article 1

july 5, 2023

Access the Complete Original WSJ Article Here.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, a panel of experts grappled with the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence and how businesses can leverage Machine Learning to gain a competitive edge.

Our article aims to add an actionable layer to this discourse.

We apply code to translate theoretical understanding into a hands-on solution.
Referencing WSJ’s explorative discussion, we delve into the practical aspects of how AI can reshape business operations across industries.

Let’s examine how we can implement this AI transformation effectively, taking inspiration from the insights shared by WSJ.

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